SAPMA 2011 - 29th Model Exhibition

The best of show was this impressive diorama representing the "Operation Catalyst - Australian Defense Force in Iraq - 2006"
The modeller is Adam Lehmann from South Australia . The reference he bought together with the diorama was very comprehensive.

The demolished building is perfect
Details everywhere!
The market
One of the three vehicles
The second vehicle
The civilians
More detail
Side view
The roof detail
Aerial view
Another aerial view
The background
inside the buildings
Look the TV set hanging by the cord
Another view
The third vehicle! Every vehicle is different and represents the order in a patrol!

This is what caught my attention!
A new Mirage III O from High Planes in 1/72
It looks really good! But my question is:
Does is can be used to make a Mirage IIIE for Brazilian Air Force?
The champion list (just for the airplanes! Sorry!)


Adamskii said...

Hello great pictures...

Just a slight correction : the Operation Catalyst diorama is by myself , A fellow south Australian, and I have never served in the regular army and never been to Iraq - the references and quality of the diorama is due much to the tireless answers provided by those who were actually there - the real soldiers who gave me much access to private photo collections.

Fantastic pictures - I wish mine turned out half as good!

Adam lehmann


Hi Adam
Sorry by the wrong information!
But that what I was told!
I wich I could have met you during the show and have talked with you!
Great job! The quality and the amount of details is amazing! How long it takes to you to complete this dio?
I'll correct the information straight away!
Feel free to copy all the photos you want!