South Australia Air Museum - SAAM

South Australia Air Museum - SAAM

The home of the F111

Hi all! Here I am again with some aviation museum photos.
This time from the South Australia Air Museum, located in the Port Adelaide suburb it has a very interesting collection that I would like to share with you all.

I'll start with a curiosity. The below image is for the propeller from a Japanese Mitsubishi G4M "Betty" Bomber which was shot down by American Forces P38 Lightning over Boungainville on the 18th of April 1943. The most important is, that was the plane carrying Admiral Yamamoto (the Pearl Harbour attack architect). It was found by a South Australian, Warren Haydock in 1977 and later donated to SAAM.

The next photos are from the powerful Merlin engine from the Spitfire.

And the Spitfire MK-V Trop, with the distinguish nose air filter. This aircraft in privately owned but it is not in air-worth condition.

The following is for the Vampire, very handy if you're thinking about building the latest Airfix release. Please forgive me by the cockpit photos, but the plexiglass is too old and opaque.

And finally the F111.

That's all folks! Hope you've enjoyed!

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