Spitfire MK Ia Battle of the Britain (No. 610 Squadron) Airfix 1/72

Hi all

Here is my latest model completed.
It is the Airfix 1/72 new tooling model.
It was a really good surprise to build this kit.
The level of detail is very good and the parts fit together nicely, well done Airfix!

My only comment is in regards the decal instructions, it was not very precise which decals should be on first because there were times where it was necessary. Good examples are the registration number on the fuselage (the Letter codes go on top of it) and the walk lines on the top of wings (in this case you need to position the lines first and once they are in the correct place then place the roundels in the gap between them).

I've used only Tamiya colours:
Cockpit Green = XF5:1 + XF21:4 + XF65:1

Underside = XF21

Dark green = XF58:1 + XF62:5
Brown = XF52:1 + XF64:1

Tires = XF1:1 + XF62:1

Here are the photos!

That's all folks!