Leopard I - Australia (Walkaround)

Leopard I - Australia
Hi all!
Here is some pics I did from a Leopard I on display in front of the RSL in Port Augusta / SA.
Hope you enjoy it!

Olá a todos!
Aqui estão algumas fotos que fiz do Leopard I que está a mostra em frente a sede do RSL de Port Augusta / SA.
Espero que gostem e sejam úteis!


Waterwise said...

Very nice to see it again Paulo,
Although you know the paint job is a fake. We never painted our tanks that colour scheme, they always remained the factory green and were only smeared with mud to camouflage them. I'll send you a few photos for your collection just scanning now. All the best Peter

Paulo R. Castro said...

Hi Peter
Nice to hear from you again!

I'd love to see your photos.

As far as I know by mid 90's soome of the Leo's 1 got this paint scheme, but were a limited number though!