F6F-5 Hellcat (Eduard 1/72)


1/72 Eduard ProfiPACK

Hi all

Here is my latest model finished.

The F6F-5 Hellcat was one of the most important US Navy fighters during World War II. 

This model represents the White 7 'Paper Doll', flown by Lt. Carl A. Brown Jr., at VF-27, USS Princeton in October 24th, 1944.

Paper Doll was the personal plane of Lt. (jg) Robert Burnell. The distinctive sharkmouth markings used on earlier aircraft by the squadron appear here in a simpler form.

On October 24th, 1944, during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Lt. Carl A. Brown intercepted a large formation of enemy aircraft at a time when the USS Princeton had suffered serious damage. During the interception, Lt. Brown was able to down five of the Japanese aircraft, but was, in the process, hit and injured. He landed on the USS Essex, as the Princeton was out of action. "Paper Doll" was pushed overboard to make room for other landing aircraft.

Here are the photos:

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